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Remaining stocks

Remaining stocks or stock lots are remainder of stocks that are offered in the market at discounted prices. The status of remaining goods can have different reasons, e. g. …

  • The production or sale of a product line is discontinued and a certain amount of products still remains in stock.
  • Customer returns may not be ready for regular sale anymore.
  • The bankruptcy of a company may result in products still remaining in its warehouse.
  • A product line couldn’t be sold completely during a season, e. g. in fashion business.
  • Stock lots may be produced especially for this market and resale at discounters or cut-price shops or as part of a sales promotion.

These examples describe the most common causes for the existence of remaining goods and stock lots.

Bargain hunting as sales driver

The keyword "remaining stock" or "stock lot" is very attractive to both retailers and consumers since it implies discounts and triggers a behaviour like bargain hunting in the mind of the potential buyer. Since decades, remaining goods have established a noticeable market within the trade of consumer goods including an appeal to lots of target groups with almost no exception: It seems that almost everybody is attracted by reasonable priced stock lots to save some money or – to push self esteem – to be able to communicate the buying of a hot deal to peer groups. As you can see, remaining goods not only represent an economical phenomenon but also include a broad psychological perspective. This bargain based mentality is one of the key factors for the long-lasting success of remaining goods and the wholesalers and retailers that are participating in this market.

To benefit from these aspects, specialized wholesalers cultivate their network of retailer contacts that are responsible for the liquidation of inventory, keep an eye on upcoming or current bankruptcies, attend specialized trade fairs or frequent Asian markets to identify suitable manufacturers for the production of products for this market. You can identify such wholesalers e. g. on wholesale marketplaces that include remaining goods on their website. Because of the factors mentioned above, a quick action is often necessary to be able to buy the best deals. It’s often very benefitial to subscribe to a marketplaces’ e-mail newsletter for identification of bargains and price comparison. If the marketplace offers a price filter in its search engine, even price range searches are possible, which is suitable not only for retailers who e. g. sell everything cheaper than 1 Euro, which is a facet of this business.