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Suppliers at Wholesale.eu

To locate capable and reliable suppliers offering competitive prices is one of the majors tasks ob every purchasing department, retailer or reseller. In former times, these businessmen had to attend trade fairs, visit showrooms, travel a lot and spend lots of time performing this duty.

Procurement 2.0

Since these days, a lot has changed. Usage of the internet allows retailers and resellers to follow a multichannel approach in procurement: Besides the mentioned established ways of contacting suppliers, buyers more and more supplement their efforts with the use of wholesale marketplaces on the WWW, where they are able to get in touch with thousands of different manufacturers and suppliers – whether these reside right next door or in another continent.

You have to distinguish two kinds of wholesale marketplaces: Those in which suppliers only show their product range and are ready for inquiries to calculate an individual offer and those in which immediately deliverable offers are listed. The advantage of the latter is obvious: Because the offered products already exist and are in the power of control of the seller, delivery times are reduced to a minimum, so that even time-critical demand can be satisfied. If you are dealing with homogenous commodities with no need for individualization of merchandise, you should have look at those wholesale marketplaces like Wholesale.eu, which offer these benefits.

EU suppliers at Wholesale.eu

As its name indicates, Wholesale.eu sets it focus on intra-community trade within the EU, including the well-known benefits like the unified currency, the Euro. That doesn’t mean that suppliers and buyers from other parts of Europe or other continents can’t take part in the business made at the marketplace, but business relationships and trades are a little more complex.

Business language at Wholesale.eu is English, which should not establish unsurmountable obstables to businesses within the European borders, but every market participant should know certain technical terms of Business English to avoid misunderstands in disappointments. If you need a little support, online dictionaries like dict.cc are available at your fingertips.

Products or suppliers?

Besides the already mentioned product offers, there will be another ways of locating suppliers at Wholesale.eu: The company database and network. A a member of our wholesale marketplace, you’ll be able to go through our company database e. g. by company name, zip code, city, offerings and strengths, etc. – so if you weren’t able to find any suitable product on the marketplace, you can also try to identify suitable suppliers or manufacturers to inquire for an offer. As an additional benefit, you’ll be able to see every relevant contact data of your potential business partner, so that you’ll be able to establish a powerful supplier network – be it on Wholesale.eu or in your notebook.

To support you in the procurement process, we’re glad to provide you with a short checklist you should consider when searching new suppliers for your business:

  • Where is the supplier located?
  • What payment options does he offer?
  • Which delivery time is mentioned and which way of delivery is used?
  • What are the delivery costs?
  • Does the supplier provide any information about achieved quality and service certificates?
  • Does the supplier provide any additional information about needed certificates, e. g. CE marking?
  • Does the supplier offer the possibility of product inspection in his warehouse?
  • How’s the reaction time in the case of inquiries and is the supplier reachable by phone, fax and mail?
  • Can product samples be ordered?
  • Does the estimated grand total of the potential deal justify a financial review of the supplier or is one already available in abstracted form?

The more of these questions you are able to answer, the more you get a sufficient overview of the appropriateness of your counterpart. The information which are supplied by the marketplace provider should be seen as a solid basis, but you have to check for yourself whether your own expectations on the supplier are matched in any case.

The scientific perspective

These were some thoughts on the practical side of suppliers and procurement in the era of the internet and online wholesale marketplaces. If your interest lies on the scientific approach, this exceeds the possibilities of this short article – for further interest in procurement and the supply chain, we suggest the following interesting books available at a well-known online retailer: