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Wholesale clothing

Wholesale clothing seperates itself into two major segments:

  • Pre-order business
  • Wholesale of immediately available in-stock products

Pre-order business is typically made at trade fairs (e. g. CPD Düsseldorf or Bread & Butter Berlin) or in traditional showrooms, where manufacturers and official distributors show their product range of the next season or next business year. This business implies the need to plan your product assortment well-structured and a great time in advance, plus the ability to recognize upcoming trends in the market and a realistic view if these trends apply to your targets group. In addition, it doesn’t hurt to have an established contact network in the business to be even able to attend the "hottest" trade fairs and showrooms, which are often restricted for a limited set of customers, especially in the segment of luxury clothing, Pret-â-porter or very expensive designer clothing.

Wholesale clothing: The second chance

The business of immediately available in-stock products is the best option for you in wholesale clothing, if…

  • You’re not able to plan your product assortment a long time ago.
  • You don’t possess in-depth contacts in the fashion business.
  • You don’t have time to attend the diversity of fashion trade-fairs every year (or season).
  • Your business relies on products with a short delivery time.
  • You want to buy from wholesale clothing to execute sales promotions.
  • Your target group is attracted by comparatively low-priced fashion remaining from former seasons.
  • Your target group doesn’t follow every upcoming fashion trend.
  • You don’t have periodical demand for fashion or clothing.
  • Etc.

The more claims mentioned above apply to your business, the more in-stock products are suitable as supply source from wholesale clothing for you. To further lower transaction costs for you, professional wholesale marketplaces like Wholesale.eu offer a wide range of products to choose from or to compare prices amongst, typically distinguished into

  • Men’s clothing
  • Women’s clothing
  • Kid’s clothing

The range of subcategories differs within this set of product groups with Kid’s clothing being a special case since it includes both boys and girls.

This option within multichannel sourcing eventually offers interesting opportunities if you discover remaining stocks from prior seasons, especially if these consist of well-known fashion brands.

Remaining stocks as sales drivers

The fact that remaining stocks in the fashion business are successful is not only proven by the success of wholesale marketplace like RESTPOSTEN.de which offer this kind of products, but also by the well-established forms of shopping clubs and liveshopping websites, which often focus on the business model of buying remaining stocks from manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors and selling them at an attractive price to consumers. Have a keen eye on those opportunities, as these may not only excellent choices for companies specializing in fashion and clothing, but also for retailers normally selling other product groups, which can use remaining stocks to start sales promotions in their store to attract customers which normally won’t be seen inside.

Another interesting variant form of the business with remaining stocks is the product group of defective goods or soiled goods, which are no more accepted by fashion customers in their base domestic market. There is a large market for these products with the aim to export them to regions and countries where standards of clothing are basically lower. This leads to extreme ends when clothing is not sold per piece but per weight (e. g. kilogram or ton). Nonetheless, this market exists and increases in importance due to globalization.

Problem plagiarism

On the other end of the scale, plagiarism imposes a large problem for the wholesale and retail of brand or luxury fashion. To be on the safe side, be sure to keep up to date with brand signatures and distinctive features of the products, ask for an inspection of offered products and inform yourself about the security features of wholesale marketplaces you participate in. E. g. Wholesale.eu will feature a specialized security department based on experienced and well-skilled staff members you can contact in the case of doubt.

To sum up: The European market offers a lot of attractive opportunities for fashion and clothing resellers, not only because a lot of well-known brands come from Europe, but also because there are a lot of European distributors and wholesalers you can buy fashion, clothin and remaining stocks from. We wish you lots of success in the fascinating business!

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