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Wholesale jewelry

Wholesale jewelry is a very interesting business area that spans segments starting from cheap fashion jewelry up to very expensive luxury jewelry. As different as these price segments are the appertaining target groups: Fashion jewelry is typically sold at markets by travel traders, whereas expensive segments are typically covered by speciality stores. Though this product group is a very diversified one, almost all sub-segments share one distribution channel: The internet!

Wholesale jewelry online

You can find almost every kind of jewelry in online wholesale, which eases price comparison and assortment structuring, because resellers and retailers can choose from a lot of suppliers and buying sources. At Wholesale.eu, we distinguish the following categories of jewelry:

  • Brooches
  • Bracelets
  • Folklore jewelry
  • Necklaces
  • Luxury jewelry
  • Brand jewelry
  • Custom jewelry
  • Earrings
  • Piercings
  • Rings
  • Bundles

As you see, this category list focuses on the different product groups within jewelry – this distinction follows common user experience, which is dominated by this search behaviour. If you are interested in a comprehensive list of jewelry types, we suggest a Wikipedia article which features an enormous list differentiated by the body part jewelry can be worn at.

Jewelry markets

Though the US and several Asian countries show the largest consumer markets for jewelry, the sum of the European or EU market still establishes a huge market for wholesale – both as supply market and as consumer market. You as manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, retailer or reseller can benefit from this market share, especially on European wholesale marketplace like Wholesale.eu, which match supply and demand.

Though consumer demand in jewelry rises to a peak just before Christmas Eve, jewelry is bought throughout the whole year. It doesn’t hurt, though, to thoughtfully plan assortment structure and availability with Christmas in mind – you won’t want to miss your share of this business! It’s not uncommon to satisfy your demand for the Christmas business early in the year in a pre-order, be it from a European wholesaler or from other parts of the world.

Jewelry and other luxury goods

Jewelry is often seen as an entity in conjunction with watches, though – according to studies – the share of jewelry of the luxury goods market is roughly twice as big (about 20%) as it is for watches. It’s only rivaled by luxury clothing, other product groups like cosmetics, leather goods and liquors follow with lesser market shares. It’s not uncommon for retailers to offer a broad product range of luxury goods or to complement an existing assortment with some pieces of jewelry as a sales action. This could be a good inspiration for wholesalers to do the same in their business following the intention of being able to supply resellers both common products and opportunities for sales promotions.

If you are a participant in the market of luxury jewelry, you should be sensible to the topic of blood diamonds and a diversity of regulations for raw materials like diamonds to avoid moral, ethical or legal hazards.

Jewelry wholesalers in the European market

Anyway, the European market offers a large range of supply sources, manufacturers and wholesalers you can buy jewelry from – be it from a common product range or as stock lot. The key to this business is a solid price comparison, good knowledge of raw materials processed, current fashion trends in jewelry and a structured concept of resale channels.