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Wholesale leggings

Wholesale leggings deals with the distribution of skin-tight trousers, which are subject to strongly volatile demand due to fashion trends. The first peak of the "in-factor" of leggings appeared during the 80ies of last century – currently, leggings have emerged as an almost indispensable garment for the trendy women (though there are leggings for men, too). Besides the possibility of wearing leggings instead of normal trousers, it’s very common at the moment to wear leggings beneath a skirt, replacing tights.

Colors in leggings wholesale

Traditional colors dominate the market for tights at the moment, whereas leggings traditionally are available in all sorts of colors, e. g. to contrast other garments worn at the same time. If you want to buy leggings from wholesale, you should check what colors are "in" or will be "in" when you’re ready to sell the bought items to your target groups.

In addition to colors, certain types of leggings have emerged in the market, e. g.:

  • Shiny leggings
  • Jeans leggings ("jeggings") and denim leggings
  • Sports leggings
  • Leather leggings
  • Maternity leggings
  • Wet look leggings

If you want to sell styles rather than single garments, check if a wholesaler doesn’t only supplies leggings, but also other garments like skirts and t-shirts, which can be combined with leggings to result in a "look".

Though the demand for stylish leggings is high right now, be aware to the trends in fashion that might end this peak. Have a look at fashion magazines, blogs and other sources of information to be kept up to date.

On wholesale marketplaces like Wholesale.eu, you’ll often find leggings in a sub-category of the Ladies’ fashion department.